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Enter to win a Starrett Toolmakers' Set
(worth over $1,000!)

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describe the image    S908Z Toolmakers' Set

The S908Z Toolmakers’ Set includes an assortment of the precision tools required to perform typical layout and measuring work for many tool and die applications. This set of tools is furnished in an attractive, protective case and is valued over $1,000.

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describe the image   describe the image

435-12-4R 12" (300mm) Combination Set with Square, Center and Reversible Protractor Head and Blade

Combination square set with reversible lock bolts, scriber, spirit levels, direct reading double 180º protractor scale, hardened steel, photo-engraved blade.

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T436.1XRL-1 - 1" (25mm) Outside Micrometer

1" (25mm) micrometer with ratchet stop, lock nut, and carbide faces.

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120A 6   827B

120A-6 White Dial Caliper, Hardened Stainless Steel, 0-6" (150mm) Range, .001" Graduations

The only American made dial calipers. These calipers are one of the handiest measuring tools available.

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827B Edge Finder

Work with flat, straight edges, shoulders, grooves, round work, studs, dowels or center points and scribed lines – all can be accurately located with this handy tool. Body and contacts are made of tool steel, hardened, ground and lapped to close tolerances for diameter and concentricity.

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C604RE 6   709ACZ

C604RE-6 6" (150mm) Spring-Tempered Steel Rule with Inch Graduations

Satin chrome finished steel rule. Graduations: 8ths, 16ths, Quick-Reading 32nds, 64ths.

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709ACZ Dial Test Indicator with Dovetail Mount

Easy to read angled head and the flexibility of three dovetail mounts.

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117B   83A 6

117B Punch with Round Shank

Constructed of specially selected steel, hardened and properly tempered. It is well proportioned and nicely finished with a knurled finger grip. The points are ground at the proper angle to give maximum service, and the tips are accurately centered.

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83A-6 “Yankee” 6" (150mm) Spring-Type Dividers with flat legs and solid nut

High-grade steel construction and well-finished. The legs are made of flat stock and are very durable. Calipers feature a hardened fulcrum stud, strong and flexible bow string, and centrally located leg adjustment to assure smooth action.

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