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Product Demonstration - Force & Material Testing

Innovative new Starrett force measurement systems are your solution for tensile, compression, flexural, shear, coefficient of friction, and cyclic testing.

Ideal for general purpose force testing, demanding high-volume production testing, and exacting quality control testing.

Starrett Series systems are available in four load capacities and consist of a single or dual-column electro-mechanical testing frame, combined with our L2 Series digital controller and a Starrett load cell sensor.



  • Single and dual column
  • Tension, compression, cyclic, flexural, shear, creep, peel, COF
  • 500N - 50kN load capacities
  • 0.001 - 60.0in/min (0.02 - 1525mm/min) test speeds
  • Innovative touch screen interface
  • ASTM, BS, DIN, ISO test methods

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