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Introducing the S1 Spring Testing Systems.

The most basic digital testing solution for compression and extension springs.

S1 systems are ideal for high-volume production testing and individuals looking for more consistent testing results over manual testing methods.

With the S1 System, you can measure:

• Spring rate
• Spring constant
• Free length
• Initial tension

Two types of test methods are supplied for compression and extension springs. Easy-to-use test templates let you create your test setup in seconds. The small footprint makes the S1 systems ideal for lean manufacturing environments of in-situ production locations.

Make use of tolerances to determine immediate "Pass/fail" results. View results graphically or in tabular formats. You can also print custom reports and export data to Microsoft Excel of SPC software such as ProLink's QC CALC application.

Software features:

•  Use preconditioning options to exercise your spring prior to testing. You can scrag for a number of cycles or duration. You can also compress to a load set and hold for a duration.

•  Single or dual limit tests may be used. You may specify a target load or target height/length to determine spring rate, spring constant, load and length at target limits, initial tension and measured free length.

•  The Statistics View displays key statistical information for your batch including mean, range, standard deviations and tolerance results.


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