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Starrett Virtual Exhibit

Posted by Sara Davis on Mon, Feb 16, 2015 @ 11:00 AM

Starrett Virtual Exhibit

In September of 2014, Starrett hosted its first interactive virtual exhibit, featuring our most cutting edge measurement systems. Visitors answered a few questions about their measurement application, and were then provided with a virtual badge, allowing access to a digital “showroom” featuring products specific to their needs.

Featured applications included:

Expert product specialists were available in real time through live chat, allowing detailed answers to specific application questions.

In-depth video brought our innovative measurement products to life.  Interactive catalogs and brochures allowed further product research and direct links to the product information on the Starrett website.

As an added bonus, one lucky visitor was awarded round trip airfare, hotel, and two tickets to 2015 Division 1 Men's College Basketball National Championship Games, to be held in April of 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana simply for taking the time to visit the show.

Starrett bi-metal unique Saw Technology

Posted by Sara Davis on Mon, Aug 11, 2014 @ 01:15 PM

Starrett bi-metal unique

Starrett has broken the boundaries of bi-metal bonding technology. Conventional bi-metal blades use either electron beam or laser to weld the high-speed wire to the alloy backing material. Starrett innovation has developed a state-of-the-art process that has resulted in a new generation of better performing band saw blades.

This Starrett exclusive technology joins two strips of high-speed steel wires to the backing steel using a Solid-State Diffusion Bonding. This exciting new process creates a stronger, longer lasting blade.

After intial use, the teeth develop a groove in the softer backing material, altering the blade area engaged in the cut. This creates Multi-Edge Performance. As a result, two chips are generated that are easily removed from the cut and also allows more coolant to flow to the cutting area


  • Breakthrough technology
  • Stronger, longer lasting blades
  • Tooth stripping greatly reduced
  • Multi-Edge Performance
  • Lower cost per cut
  • Available on all 1" and narrower Starrett bi-metal blades

bi-metal unique

170% more weld contact area
significantly reduces fracture and
breakage at the HSS/backing
material interface.

bi-metal unique

The unique grooved tooth geometry
produces dual chips that are easily
removed from the cut.

Starrett bi-metal unique saw technology provides:

  1. Patented process providing 170% more weld contact for superior teeth stripping resistance
  2. Significantly reduced fracture and breakage
  3. Multi-edge cutting performance resulting in faster cuts and longer blade life

John Caron, global director of research and development for saws at Starrett explains more about Starrett bi-metal unique technology: "If you look at the front of the tooth you'll see two cutting surfaces separated by the carrier. The blade structure is like a sandwich."

The carrier strip wears when cutting begins, and the wear forms a small U-shaped groove between the two HSS edges. The groove is 0.001-inch to 0.002-inch deep and remains at a constant depth, wearing at the same rate as the teeth.

Starrett registered the name Split-Chip Advantage to describe the twin-tooth design, which produces two chips. "The two teeth break each chip into two pieces, and that is a significant benefit in reducing chips bonding to the saw teeth," Caron says.

Chips bonded to the teeth produce friction that increases as tooth temperature rises. Split chips tend to curl and fall away as strings instead of chunks, and they're less prone to cling to the teeth.

"Producing twice as many chips roughly half the size allows the blade to run cooler," Caron says. "Coolant flow carries the chips away faster, and the center groove forms a coolant passage that directs coolant into the tooth gullets."

Starrett offers a variety of products that feature bi-metal unique saw technology, including:

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Starrett Adds AccuPlug Bore Gage Systems to Bore Gage Product Line

Posted by Sara Davis on Mon, Aug 04, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

New AccuPlug Bore Gages

Starrett AccuPlug Bore GageThe L.S. Starrett Company announced in March on 2014 the release of a new line of AccuPlug Bore Gages. They are accurate, flexible and ideal for repetitive measurements. They are custom built systems consisting of interchangeable indicators, plugs, extensions and depth stops.

The robust, easy-to-use AccuPlug range is designed to give the operator greater speed of use, unmatched measuring accuracy and superb repeatability, especially in harsh shop-floor environments. Advanced hand held ergonomics allied to an ingenious mechanical/electronic system render AccuPlug the easiest to operate Starrett bore gaging system to date. The flexible nature of the Starrett AccuPlug range means that they can be supplied and fitted with easy to read electronic indicators (ideal for automatic data collection) and conventional analogue indicators.

The Starrett AccuPlug gages are generally used in Production Departments (rather than Quality Labs) for applications where the same diameter needs to be measured repetitively and accurately to detect dimensional deviations and shape defect errors.

Starrett AccuPlug Bore Gage

The plug is inserted into the bore to be measured and the reading can be observed on the indicator without the need for extracting anvils. Therefore, it is a much quicker operation than measuring with 3-point gages and more accurate because there is very little travel of the contacts.  Since these are 2-point measuring instruments, they can also be used to measure ovality.

AccuPlug Bore Gage Systems are ideal for the Automotive and Aerospace industries.

Learn More About AccuPlug Bore Gages


Starrett Bore Gages

Starrett 781 Bore Gage

Bore gages measure inside hole diameter with high accuracy. The operator turns a knob or releases a trigger to simultaneously extend the contacts outward until the wall is touched by all contacts. Bore gages are selected by measurement range, depth, accuracy requirements and number of contacts (two or three). Some are available with interchangeable measuring heads for different diameters or extensions for depth. They can have electronic displays (some with output), micrometer-type vernier scales or a dial (similar to an indicator). The Starrett line of bore gages is extensive, with products available for a broad range of applications.

Learn More About Starrett Bore Gages

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New Starrett PowerCalc Mobile Application

Posted by Sara Davis on Mon, Jul 28, 2014 @ 11:12 AM

Starrett Band Saw Blades

The Starrett PowerCalc band saw selection tool selects the right band saw blade for a specific application. PowerCalc is a free app that has been developed to work with Apple, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry mobile devices.

- Composition of the material to be cut (to determine hardness).
- Shape of the part to be cut.
- Details regarding any bundling of the material.
- Whether or not it will be a cooled cut.
- Band saw machine being used to make the cut.

Once this information is entered, the results display the recommended Starrett band saw blade as well as information relating to the number of break-in cuts, cooling recommendations, and cutting time and speeds under both break-in and normal conditions.

Get the App!

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Starrett Supports Veterans through Workshops for Warriors

Posted by Sara Davis on Fri, Jul 18, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of precision tools, Starrett has donated over $100,000 of Precision Measuring Tools to support Workshops for Warriors, a non-profit entity whose mission is to place veterans and wounded warriors into advanced manufacturing careers.

Workshops for Warriors does this by providing industry-leading training, nationally recognized portable credentials, work experience, and job placement to veterans. Their goal is to rebuild America’s advanced manufacturing workforce, one veteran at a time. Training is provided at no cost to veterans.

 Workshop for Warriors Screenshot

President and CEO of The L.S. Starrett Company, Doug Starrett, said: “We are honored to be a partner with Workshops for Warriors. Manufacturing is the backbone of America and, with over 600,000 US manufacturing jobs that remain unfilled, there is no better time than now to take advantage of talents of the thousands of returning veterans. These men and women who have put life and limb on the line to defend our freedoms believe in this country and deserve the opportunity to acquire new skills as they reenter the civilian workforce.”

Doug Starrett continues, “Our founder, L. S. Starrett, understood the importance of job creation. He would be proud to have our American heroes using Starrett tools as they pursue the American Dream they fought to preserve.”

WFW Logo

Learn More about Workshops for Warriors

Starrett is headquartered in Athol, Massachusetts and has been manufacturing precision measuring tools in America for over 130 years. Today Starrett operates five manufacturing locations with close to 1,000 employees in America.

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Starrett Introduces High Performance Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades

Posted by Sara Davis on Mon, Jul 14, 2014 @ 01:43 PM

Advanz MC7“Triple chip” technology for the carbide tipped band saw blade was developed in the mid 1960’s and has long since served as the industry standard. Due to the metal industry’s continued evolution with the addition of alloys and other exotic materials unknown just ten years ago, Starrett embarked on a journey to engineer and produce a better saw blade.

Our goal was to develop an innovative new carbide blade of the highest possible quality with a tooth form more suited to today’s material separation requirements. The blade would be required to decrease the cost per cut and improve production through better cutting efficiencies. Today’s band saw machines provide tighter tolerances, more rigidity, and improved capacity to run high performance precision ground carbide tipped blades.

These multi-faceted carbide blades are designed to improve production, increase blade life, and reduce cost per cut. Each tooth of the new MC series carbide tipped blades is equipped with a high quality micro-grained carbide cylinder welded to a tough, ductile backing material. The carbide cutting edge provides extreme heat and wear resistance, while producing an exceptionally smooth surface finish. Several years of research and development yielded the development of the highly advanced technologies and equipment needed to produce a superior carbide tipped blade. A year of vigorous field testing in multiple applications and environments confirmed the achievement of a highly advanced product. We are proud to introduce a new line of high performance carbide tipped band saw blades: Starrett Advanz MC5 and Starrett Advanz MC7.

Advanz MC5 Detail

Advanz MC5 (Multi Chip 5) has a varying tooth height model with five cutting surfaces in each progressive grind geometry pattern. MC5 is designed for non-ferrous and softer steels and lends itself well to an increase in feed pressures and feed rates over traditional blades. The chip load is distributed over five cutting surfaces, decreasing the wear on each tooth and allowing for increased production rates, longer blade life, and a smoother surface finish. Advanz MC5 is well suited for general cutting with particular emphasis on aluminum castings, brass, bronze and low alloy steels.

Advanz MC7 Detail

Advanz MC7 (Multi Chip 7) utilizes a progressive grind sequence that generates seven distinct chips with each cut and is especially effective in cutting difficult to machine materials such as Inconel, Waspalloy, nickel alloys, titanium, and stainless and tool steels.

Specifically designed for cutting solid materials at extreme cutting rates, the Starrett Advanz MC5 and Advanz MC7 blades feature positive rake angles and rugged submicron carbide tooth tips (HV 1600!).

Maximize the high performance of high performance band saw machines! Run high performance blades: Starrett Advanz MC Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades!

Browse Carbide Band Saw Blades

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Granite Surface Plate Accessories

Posted by Sara Davis on Mon, Jul 07, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Starrett granite accessories are produced from pink granite and are provided with NIST traceable calibration certificates. Long form graphed readings or A2LA accredited calibration certificates are available upon request.

Granite accessories are used in:

  • Inspection
  • Clamping, setting up or holding work
  • Checking X-Y-Z axes on CNC machine tools and Coordinate Measuring Machines.

Granite metrology accessories, master square, master squares

Toolmakers’ Flats: These handy flats are small precision surface plates that are ideal for many inspection and checking uses throughout the plant. They are especially well suited for layout work and offer an easy, portable reference for gaging small parts. They are 12" long x 8" wide x 2" thick (300 x 200 x 50mm), have a tolerance of .0001", and weigh about 20 lb (9kg). They are available in Crystal Pink or Black Granite.

Granite metrology accessories, master square, master squares

Five-Face Master Squares: Master squares are ideal for inspecting the X, Y and Z axes of machine tools. This product is very stable and rigid, providing the ultimate in squareness references. Our master squares have 5 finished faces (1 large face and 4 edges) finished flat, square and parallel to either laboratory grade AA (.000025” per 6”) or inspection grade A (.000050” per 6”). All six faces can be finished upon request.

Standard metrology accessories, master angle, master angles, 2-face master angle, two-face master angle, two face master angle, 3-face master angle, three-face master angle, three face master angle

Three-Face Granite Tri-Squares: These triangular shaped master angles are ideal for checking X, Y and Z axes of machine bases or parts. They are very rigid and stable and come with either 2 or 3 finished faces. The 2-face master angle has 2 perpendicular edges finished flat and square. The 3-face has a large triangular face finished flat and square to those two edges. Our master angles come in laboratory grade AA (.000025” per 6”) or inspection grade A (.000050” per 6”).

Standard metrology accessories, angle plate, 2-face angle plate, two-face angle plate, two face angle plate, 3-face angle plate, three-face angle plate, three face angle plate

Angle Plates: Angle plates provide a convenient and practical means of clamping and holding work in a vertical position. Their excellent finish and flatness make them very compatible for use with granite surface plate accuracies. The angle plates are available with either 2 or 4 finished faces. The 2-face angle plate has the bottom and the adjacent square face finished flat and square to one another. The 4-face is similar to the 2-face, but has the two adjacent sides finished flat and square to the other two faces, as well as being parallel to each other. The laboratory grade AA has a tolerance of .000025” per 6” and the inspection grade A has a tolerance of .000050” per 6”.

Standard metrology products, inserted angle plate

Inserted Angle Plates: Inserted angle plates are available upon request. This product is the same as our standard angle plate with the addition of metal discs inserted into one side. The inserted angle plates also have a main gaging face for magnetic chucking purposes and threaded inserts for clamping purposes.

Standard metrology products, straight edge, crystal pink granite

Straight Edges: Our straight edges are produced from our crystal pink granite, as are all of our accessories. Straight edges have a single long, narrow face finished flat. Laboratory grade AA accuracy is .000025” per 12” and inspection grade A accuracy is .000050” per 12”. Lifting holes are provided on sizes 48” or larger.

Standard metrology accessories, parallels, 2-face parallel, two-face parallel, two face parallel, 4-face parallel, four-face parallel, four face parallel

Parallels: These precision tools can be used to elevate work above the surface of a plate to enable quick and easy inspection of piece parts with shoulders or steps, along with many other uses. Our parallels are provided in matched pairs with either 2 or 4 finished faces. 2-Face parallels have the 2 narrow faces finished flat and parallel. 4-Face parallels have the wide faces finished flat and parallel as well as the two narrow faces. Parallels are available in laboratory grade AA (.000025” per 6”) or inspection grade A (.000050” per 6”).

Standard metrology accessories, v-block, v block

Five-Face V-Blocks: V-Blocks are ideal for supporting or holding cylindrical pieces during manufacturing or inspection. They are provided in matched pairs and have 5 finished faces. V-blocks have a nominal 90-degree “V”, centered with and parallel to the bottom and two sides and square to the ends. V-Blocks come in either laboratory grade AA (+/- .000050”) or inspection grade A (+/- .000100”).

Standard metrology products, granite cube

Six-Face Cubes: Granite Six-Face Cubes have all six faces finished flat, perpendicular and parallel. They are available in three sizes and are made from our pink granite. Cubes are available in either laboratory grade AA (+/- .000025” per 6”) or inspection grade A (+/- .000050” per 6”.


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Special Purpose Hole Saws from Starrett.

Posted by Aniket Mahajan on Thu, May 15, 2014 @ 10:50 AM

Starrett has long offered a comprehensive line of top quality hole saw products. These include Fastcut™ Variable Pitch Bi-Metal blades, Straight 6-Pitch Bi-Metal Blades, Carbide Tipped, Carbide Grit, Diamond Edge, and a variety of other blades, assemblies, accessories and kits. 

Over the past couple of years, several innovative special purpose hole saw lines have been introduced to create an even broader Starrett line. Three of these newer special purpose products are profiled here.


Tungsten Carbide Tipped Sheet Metal Hole Saw Assemblies with Arbor and Pilot Drill

High Performance Saws with Positive Rake Tungsten Carbide Teeth

tungsten carbide tip hole saw with arbor and pilot drill






A tool engineered for the highest possible performance and accuracy, TCT Sheet Metal Saws are an ideal choice for production cutting high alloy and stainless steels, nonferrous metals and reinforced fabrics.

This is a substantial tool sold as a complete assembly that eliminates the need to purchase separate arbors or pilot drills. A safety stop at the base of the tool prevents cutting beyond the 1/2" depth of the tool.


TCT Tungsten Carbide Tipped Fastcut™ Multi-Purpose Hole Saws

High Performance Saws for Non-Metallics

Tungsten carbide tip multi purpose hole saw

tungsten carbide tip multi purpose hole saw








Engineered with a unique tooth set for an ultra-aggressive cutting action, the TCT Fastcut Multi-Purpose hole saw brings productivity to a new level. This is the tool to choose for rapid stock removal, extended life and smooth, heat-free sawing of all types of wood, MDF, plastics, building bricks and ceramic tiles.

With a 2-1/8" depth of cut, TCT Fastcut saws can cut through strapping and joists with ease. They can be used on battery powered tools and fixed stationary machines and are fast becoming the tools of choice for tradesmen, production engineers and the serious do-it-yourselfer.


Smoothcut Cordless Hole Saw Assemblies with Arbor and Pilot Drill

Bi-Metal HSS Hole Saws Developed Specifically for Portable Battery-Operated Power Tools

smooth cut cordless hole saw accessory assembly with arbor and pilot drill Smoothcut Cordless Hole Saw Assemblies with Arbor and Pilot Drill












Another application-specific saw offering, these tools have been engineered to maximize the utility of a handheld cordless drill. A constant pitch set of eight teeth per inch and durable bi-metal construction deliver vibration-free cutting action and extend the service time of battery operated tools.

Smoothcut Cordless Hole Saws are an effective choice for most materials, including mild steel sheet, plasterboard, wood and thin non-metallics.

Smoothcut Cordless Hole Saw Assemblies also have an important safety feature prized by end users. The flared design of the saw at the base cap ensures that no cut will extend beyond the 1/2" cutting depth.

Since the Smoothcut tool is a complete tool, there is no need to purchase and assemble a separate arbor and pilot drill. The Smoothcut Cordless Hole Saw Assembly is compatible with the Quick Change Connector, Catalog No. AQC-14, and is the perfect tool for the growing number of work sites utilizing battery charged power tools.

Browse Starrett Hole Saw Products

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Tru-Vac Advanced Air Chuck Solution from Starrett Tru-Stone

Posted by Sara Davis on Tue, May 06, 2014 @ 01:52 PM

Utilizing Granite for Air Chuck Applications

Improved processing and material technologies have led to an increasing number of applications where it is necessary to move very thin or flexible substrates into place and secure (or chuck) them. Other parts are too small to effectively move without damaging, or they need to be moved into a precision location and then chucked with repeatable accuracy.

Tru-Vac from Starrett Tru-Stone

Tru-Vac from Starrett Tru-Stone Utilizes Granite for an Advanced Air Chuck Solution

The Tru-Stone solution, Tru-Vac, involves imbedding a porous medium (such as porous ceramic or porous aluminum) into a stable base material (such as granite, solid ceramic or carbon fiber). The porous zones and base materials are then processed to meet very tight geometric tolerance specifications and are then pneumatically (air) plumbed to provide either vacuum or positive pressure airflow. The porous and base materials are usually, but not always, processed to be co-planar with each other. Porous zones can be plumbed to offer vacuum holding force as well as positive air pressure flow for controlled part movement.

The Tru-Vac proprietary air plenum design and pneumatic plumbing options offer extremely uniform airflow over the entire porous surface. Several air chuck designs and size options are available to suit customer-specific needs such as; optimal flatness, proper levels of airflow, minimal weight, and additional geometric tolerance requirements related to a porous air zone. Additionally, an air zone can be incorporated as part of a larger precision granite assembly.

Hot Zones, Dead Zones and Deformed Parts

A problem inherent with other vacuum chucks can be inconsistent airflow, also known as “hot” or “dead” zones, over some areas of the porous surface.Previous ways to chuck or move materials may not allow the processing or inspection methods now required since previous chuck methods can deform a part or may be in the way of further processing. In addition, alternative methods to move small parts may require very expensive automated equipment.

Smaller than a Hockey Puck – Larger than a Conference Table

Tru-Vac applications range from smaller than a hockey puck to larger than a conference room table. Tru-Stone has conducted extensive R&D to offer several air chuck designs and size options to suit customer-specific needs. These include optimal flatness, proper levels of airflow, minimal weight, and additional geometric tolerance requirements related to a porous air zone. Additionally, an air zone can be incorporated as part of a larger precision granite assembly.

Tru-Vac from Starrett Tru-Stone

Tru-Vac is ideal for processes or inspection methods. Capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Inspect for geometric tolerances, material imperfections, light transmission or reflectivity
  • Laminate liquids or other substrates to the material
  • Assemble products to the material (i.e. pick and place)
  • Conduct further processing such as machining or scoring

Tru-Vac Design Qualities and Possibilities

Design Qualities and Possibilities

  • With sophisticated CNC equipment, Tru-Stone is able to produce a wide variety of porous zone shapes and configurations to meet customer design requirements
  • Geometric tolerances (i.e. flatness, parallelism, coplanar, perpendicularity) of porous zones and surrounding granite surfaces can be created to within just a few microns
  • Porous zones can be plumbed to offer vacuum holding force as well as positive air pressure flow for controlled part movement
  • The same porous zone can be plumbed to offer both vacuum and positive air flow within the same zone
  • Several different porous zones can be incorporated into one assembly for processing and inspection flexibility, or to meet additional end-user design requirements
  • Multiple porous tiles can also be placed side-by-side to create large overall vacuum zones to meet end-user large component processing requirements
  • Multiple porous zones can be pneumatically plumbed together with each other, or can be plumbed to be isolated from one another for separate airflow control
  • Concentric zones can be created to accommodate multiple substrate sizes within one chuck assembly

Resurfacing & Calibration

Tru-Vac chuck assemblies can be resurfaced, as needed. One reason for resurfacing could be to meet periodic re-calibration needs. Another reason is damage caused by chips during heavy use of the chuck. These chips can sometimes be removed by resurfacing the chuck, depending on the size of the chip. New market technology continually offers processing and inspection challenges not yet known that could likely be solved with an air chuck.

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Increase your spring's life with Starrett Spring Testing Systems

Posted by Aniket Mahajan on Wed, Feb 12, 2014 @ 04:15 PM

The design, manufacture and use of springs can be traced back in time to the Bronze Age. Spring design is a science based on complex arithmetic calculations combined with material science. Springs are used in everyday consumer devices including cellular phones and computers, they are used widely in industrial applications including automotive and aerospace, they are used in precision medical devices where a spring, having a diameter of 0.0036 inch (about equal to the size of a human hair), is used in catheters and endoscopic instruments. While the wheel is often considered one of the most important inventions ever, the spring is arguably as equally important and with spring design constantly evolving and requiring more advanced testing and tolerancing.

Starrett Spring Force Measurement, Spring Tester

Determining a spring’s characteristics and validating a spring’s performance is critical to ensuring that the spring will perform to its specification over its intended life-cycle for its intended application. This following video will introduce the latest measurement technology from the L.S. Starrett Company, designed to ensure accurate, precise, repeatable and reliable testing of helical compression and extension springs using its innovative SMS Series Spring Testing Systems.

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