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Increase your spring's life with Starrett Spring Testing Systems


The design, manufacture and use of springs can be traced back in time to the Bronze Age. Spring design is a science based on complex arithmetic calculations combined with material science. Springs are used in everyday consumer devices including cellular phones and computers, they are used widely in industrial applications including automotive and aerospace, they are used in precision medical devices where a spring, having a diameter of 0.0036 inch (about equal to the size of a human hair), is used in catheters and endoscopic instruments. While the wheel is often considered one of the most important inventions ever, the spring is arguably as equally important and with spring design constantly evolving and requiring more advanced testing and tolerancing.

Starrett Spring Force Measurement, Spring Tester

Determining a spring’s characteristics and validating a spring’s performance is critical to ensuring that the spring will perform to its specification over its intended life-cycle for its intended application. This following video will introduce the latest measurement technology from the L.S. Starrett Company, designed to ensure accurate, precise, repeatable and reliable testing of helical compression and extension springs using its innovative SMS Series Spring Testing Systems.

Starrett L2 Plus Software - for Advanced Force Measurement & Analysis



The Starrett L2 Plus Series software is designed for advanced force measurement and analysis, used with FMS and FMD Series force testers.

It has been optimized for quality control and engineering personnel.
Operating on an all-in-one L2 Plus Workstation, it can be use for
tensile, compression, cyclic, flexural, peel, friction and shear testing.

Test setup is easy and graphical. Tests are created using a suite of
test step types with each step having attributes that you configure
including limits, step speed, etc. Once your test is created, you
perform the test and L2 Plus displays a large graph of your test data.
Next, use the many analysis tools to measure and display results,
e.g. points, slopes, minimums, maximums, peaks, valleys, averages,
rates, etc.

Display results on the graph or in data tables complete with
tolerances. Tabular results can include statistical w. A set of standard
reports can be printed for graphs, tables, statistics, tolerances and


Full Graph of Adhesive Peel Test Displays Maximum and Minimum load values plus average of qualified Peaks using Sensitivity adjustment:

Starrett force measurement l2 plus software

Starrett Manual Vision Systems for individual measurements.


Manual Vision Systems MVR300

The Starrett MVR Series manual vision metrology systems are ideal for individual measurements or short runs. They are available with dedicated 6.5:1 zoom optics or a quick-change bayonet lens mount which accepts zoom optics or telecentric lenses for micron-level resolution and optical distortion down to 0.001% for accurate field-of-view (FOV) measurements.These can encompass an entire small part up to 2.00" x 1.50" or a feature of a larger part and be seamlessly integrated with stage motion to measure parts with a length up to 8" (MVR200) or 12" (MVR300).

MVR Series hardware features include a granite base for maximum stability, recirculating ball linear guides for smooth and precise stage motion, and a motorized Z-axis with variable speed control. All electronics other than the PC are housed in the Z-column, ensuring an integrated system with minimal external wiring.

Starrett Interactive Catalog Mobile Application


The Starrett Marketing Team is excited to announce a new Interactive Catalog Mobile Application.

Starrett Interactive Catalog App

The new Apple and Android Apps from Starrett bring our comprehensive print catalogs to your mobile device. Now, you have all of the information you want about Starrett products right at your fingertips. Our Interactive Catalogs still contain all of the information you have come to expect from our printed literature, but now also include one-touch access to:

  • In-page product videos
  • A clickable table of contents
  • A fully integrated search feature
  • Direct links to complete product data on www.starrett.com from any catalog number
  • Easy sharing through email or social media
  • Print individual catalog pages
  • Quickly download the whole catalog (including videos) for convenient offline viewing

Watch the 2 minute video of this exciting new technology on YouTube:

Starrett Interactive Catalog App 

Get the App:

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The interactive catalogs are available for desktop viewing as well:

Precision Tools, Catalog 32

Power Tool Accessories & Hand Tools, Catalog 71

A Better Solution for Material Testing from Starrett.


Our new material testing systems answer the need for more advanced testing while continuing our objective of supplying solutions that are easy-to-use without compromising functionality. Our objective of providing an affordable solution that meets the technical demands of engineers and research scientists without compromising testing methodology or functionality is demonstrated in our new L3 software and associated MMS and MMD Series material testing systems.

Look at a Starrett material tester and you immediately see we’re different. Some features are very apparent, granite bases and extruded aluminum columns for optimum stiffness. Less obvious are high resolution encoders, precision, preloaded ball screws and advanced electronics that let you sample up to a true 5kHz and interface with digital and analog I/O devices. Axial frame stiffness, precision, accuracy and machine lifecycle were paramount in our design. The result is our family of single and dual column material testers designed to improve your testing and analysis capabilities, providing consistent, accurate results for years to come.

Starrett Material Tester Product Family (1)

Starrett AVR series for repetitive measurements.


The Starrett AVR Series CNC automatic vision metrology systems are ideal for repetitive measurements and automatic comparison to CAD files. They are available with dedicated 6.5:1 zoom optics or a quick-change bayonet lens mount which accepts a choice of telecentric lenses for micron-level resolution and optical distortion down to 0.001% for accurate field-of-view (FOV) measurements. These can encompass an entire small part up to 2.00" x 1.50" or a feature of a larger part and be seamlessly integrated with stage motion to measure parts with a length up to 8" (AVR200) or 12” (AVR300).

AVR Series hardware features include a granite base for maximum stability, recirculating ball linear guides for smooth and precise stage motion, and full CNC control for high throughput. All electronics other than the PC are housed in the Z-column, ensuring an integrated system with minimal external wiring.

Crown Molding with Starrett Protractors: Save Time, Reduce Waste!


Starrett 505 Series Protractors take error-prone calculations out of miter cuts. Simply set your saw to the angle that you read and transfer readings directly to the miter saw. The CP505 has additional functions including the ability to handle complex angles required to provide a perfect fit for crown moldings.

A Perfect Crown Molding
with your Starrett 505A-12:

  1. Measure the corner angle near the ceiling. Note the Miter Cut value from the dial (inner scale).
  2. Determine the spring angle (information available where you purchase your crown molding stock).
  3. Refer to the compound cut conversion tableLocate the row with the same "Miter Cut" value as your corner measurement.
  4. Note the "Miter Angle" and "Bevel Angle" from the row that corresponds to the spring angle of your work piece stock (38° or 45°).
  5. Refer to the table and carefully set the miter angle and bevel angle on your compound miter saw, then position your work piece with reference to the blade and fence, as indicated. Then, cut your first work piece.
  6. Reset the saw and position your second work piece. Then, cut your second work piece.
  7. The two pieces should align perfectly for your crown molding!

Starrett Launches New Interactive Catalogs


The Marketing Team at Starrett is pleased to announce two brand new interactive catalogs.

We have brought Starrett Precision Tools and Starrett Power Tool Accessories & Hand Tools to your fingertips with cutting edge interactive technology, including:

  • In-page product videos
  • One-click table of contents
  • Easily search by part number or key word
  • Direct product links - just click on the catalog number for full product details
  • Share via email, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Print a page or download the whole catalog for convenient offline viewing
  • Coming Soon: Mobile Apps for iOS and Android Devices


Interactive Catalog 32B

Open the Starrett Precision Tool Catalog



Interactive Catalog 71

Open the Starrett Power Tool Accessory & Hand Tool Catalog

In-line Profile measurement for Rubber Extrusion Industry.


Since its introduction over 100 years ago, the rubber extrusion industry has progressed through several generations of technology for profile geometry measurement. Off-line optical comparator methods were popularized over 50 years ago. These technologies enabled users to characterize the dimensional quality of samples, but could not characterize the quality of a population as a whole. Recent advancements in on-line technology enable precise and continuous characterization of the dimensional quality of complex profiles. These empower users to implement several value-creating programs:

1. In-line measurement can be used to continuously monitor the dimensional quality of any profile, and alarm the operator when any problem occurs. This can identify problems not possible with periodic off-line checking.

2. In-line measurement can be used during the startup of any run to assist in reducing the time required to reach stability.

3. In-line measurement can be used to quickly evaluate all lines in the factory to identify cyclical conditions that would affect all profiles. Remediation of such problems will benefit all profiles run on each line.

4. In-line measurement can be used to assist tooling development. Snapshot files can be exported as .dxf point files that can be opened in the die design CAD application and compared to the intended design. As die trials are run, on-line measurement can be used to see how stable the process behaves in production. This information can be used to optimize the extruder setup.

5. In-line measurement produces data histories that can be used to compare any run with its historical performance, and verify the effect of quality improvement initiatives.

starrett profile360 extrusion profile measurement

At Starrett-Bytewise Measurement Systems,  Profile360 provides a non-contact in-line measurement solutions specialized for extrusion manufacturing industries. We are a complete solutions provider - we manufacture line laser sensors, build multi-sensor systems, produce the application software, and provide the sales and service network to assure that you are well supported. Our products are found around the world among the largest global manufacturers as well as the smallest privately-owned companies. For these companies,Profile360 is a core component of their quality and production management standards.

Laser Measurement Solutions by Starrett-Bytewise


Starrett, the world’s largest toolmaker, has now extended its product offerings to include a line of sensor products designed to solve the needs of everyday factory automation measurement applications. Our sensor product line offers our customers affordable, high-resolution, laser profile sensors that enable the end-user to develop less complex, in-house solutions while, at the same time, providing low-cost sensors that system integrators can employ in more complex measurement solutions.

The new division, Starrett-Bytewise measurement systems, designs and delivers non-contact profile measurement systems for a variety of industrial applications. Industries in which its products can be found include: tires, other rubber products (rubber extrusions), plastics (plastic extrusions), automotive, metal forging, wood-plastic composite lumber (WPC Lumber) and building materials.

Our goal every time we deliver a system is to serve our customers in such a way that they will continue to be thrilled about doing business with us many years later. We have tried to accomplish that goal by creating and utilizing leading-edge technologies, developing powerful, yet easy-to-use software and providing personable, accurate and fast service to our clients. This model of doing business has afforded us the privilege of working with many of the world’s largest companies in 24 countries around the globe. We would welcome your joining our ever-growing list of clients and we hope that you will give us the opportunity to serve you and your company.

Starrett bytewise laser measurement

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