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HVR100 Flip Video Based Measurement System

The all new Starrett "HVR Flip" is the latest in our line of video-based measurement systems. Equipped with a large field of view, the HVR100 Flip has the unique characteristic of being used in either a vertical or horizontal format offering tremendous versatility and value.

Rapidly measure a single feature, an entire part, or multiple parts up to 3.65 x 3" with the HVR Flip's large FOV.


  • Rapidly measure parts up to 3.65 x 3"
  • Large FOV
  • Working distance of 10"
  • Measure a single feature, an entire part, or multiple parts
  • MetLogix™ M3 software allows for easy one-touch feature measurement
  • Auto-detect part recognition
  • DXF Import - Electronic overlay for quick part comparison
  • Export features to DXF
  • Compare complex profiles with discreet data points and comparison to CAD
  • Graphic based "Part View" constructions
  • Geometric tolerancing
  • Flexible report content and formatting
  • Multi-language support
  • System can be easily converted from a vertical format to a horizontal format measuring system

 Optional Software Modules Available:

  • Profile fitting
  • Wire insulation
  • Thread measurement

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