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The NEW! Starrett AVX550 Multi-Sensor Vision System has an innovative dual-optical feature that delivers accurate, fast measurement and throughput. With two cameras and lenses for sequential use in the same program along with touch probe options, the AVX is the most versatile high performance platform available.

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The AV Automatic Vision Systems provide accurate 3-axis measurement capability (X-Y-Z) with hi-resolution video zoom optics and optional touch probe. The systems can be pre-programmed (CNC) for repetitive part inspection, or driven manually via a joystick and trackball for individual measurements. Throughput is maximized with either QC5000 or MetLogix M3 software controlling all features of Video Edge Detection (VED) and multiple channel Fiber Optic or LED illumination.

The AVR CNC Automatic Vision Systems are ideal for repetitive measurements and automatic comparison to CAD files. Available with dedicated interchangeable telecentric lenses for micron-level resolution and accurate field-of-view (FOV) measurements, which can encompass an entire small part up to 2.00 x 1.50'' or a feature of a larger part and be seamlessly integrated with stage motion to measure parts with a length up to 8'' (AVE200) or 12'' (AVR300). Metlogix M3 software capabilities include 3-axis measurements and 2D geometric constructs.

The HDV Horizontal Digital Video Comparators center on a uniquely designed interchangeable lens mounting system coupled to a hi-resolution 5 mega-pixel digital video camera. The system is available with a choice of seven telecentric lenses for micron-level resolution and optical distortion as low as 0.001% for accurate field-of-view (FOV) measurements. With MetLogix M3 software DXF CAD files can be imported and 2D Go/No-Go digital overlays can be developed directly from the CAD files.

The HVR Flip Digital Video System is the latest in our line of video-based measurement systems. The HVR Flip, equipped with a large field-of-view (FOV), has the unique characteristic of being used in either a vertical or horizontal format, offering tremendous versatility and value. Rapid measure parts up to 3.65 x 3''.

The LF Premier Machines offer X-Y travel from 18'' (460mm) to a generous 28'' (711mm). Z travel is 8'' (200mm), 12'' (300mm option), and larger sizes are available upon request. Increased accuracy helps verify critical dimensions. These machines are ideal for use in quality control labs, research, engineering, or manufacturing environments.

The MVR Manual Vision Systems are ideal for individual measurement or short runs. They are available with dedicated zoom optics or a quick-change bayonet lens mount which accepts interchangeable zoom optics or telecentric lenses for micron-level resolutions and accurate field-of-view (FOV) measurements. These can encompass an entire small part up to 2.00 x 1.50'' or a feature of a larger part and be seamlessly integrated with stage motion to measure parts with a length up to 8'' (MVR200) or 12'' (MVR300). MetLogix M3 FOV software displays a live video image of the part plus geometry tools and digital readings.

KineMic Video Microscopes are a family of seven versatile and affordable inspection and vision metrology systems. They are ideal for receiving inspection, quality assurance, training, manufacturing, assembly, research, and documentation – wherever easy setup and a range of magnifications are required. Depending on the size of the parts to be measured, measurements can be all electronic within the field of view, or be integrated with stage motion for parts up to 8'' (200mm).


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